Raphaël Grötsch

RaphaelRaphael Grötsch (M.Sc.)


2010 – 2016 Technische Universität München

B.Sc. in Chemistry obtained in 2014

„Characteriztion of CO2-sorption Behavior of Different 4-Vinylphenolates Based on Polyelectrolytes via Thermogravimetrics and Infrared Spectroscopy“

M.Sc. in Chemistry obtained in 2015

In the field of Macromolecular Chemistry, WACKER-Chair of Macromoleculare Chemistry

2015 – … PhD student

„Characterization of Non-covalent Bonds in Supramolecular Systems of Functionalized Particles.“


M. Tena-Solsona,* B. Rieß,* R. Grötsch , F. Löhrer, C. Wanzke,  B. Käsdorf, A. Bausch, P. Mueller-Buschbaum, O. Lieleg, J. Boekhoven
“Non-equilibrium dissipative supramolecular materials with a tunable lifetime”
Nature Commun, 2017 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms15895